And the winner is….

Congrats, mama! I’ll go credit your customer account!

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest! Don’t worry, I’m planning another one already, so stay tuned for your next chance to win!

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Friggin February Fiesta!

Let it be known: I dislike February. So lets have a contest to celebrate it being almost half over, shall we?!

Up for grabs: A $30 gift certificate to Enchanted Forest!

The last contest was awesome! You folks helped me to spread the word about Enchanted Forest, and I appreciated it so much!

Once again, I’d love your help in letting more families know about Enchanted Forest! This contest will run the same way the first one did: you help me spread the word about Enchanted Forest, and you’ll receive contest entries. Once again there are LOT of ways to gain entries, and the more entries you earn, the greater your chances of winning! In order to receive contest entries, you must comment below this post to tell me your name and what you did. You can share on Facebook and/or Tweet up to once daily for additional contest entries if you like. Entries are not automatically awarded- If you don’t post in the comments section below, you won’t gain your entries, so don’t forget! I’ll be using to select a winner on March 15th, and will announce the winner here and on Facebook at around noon!

Here’s how to enter- I put in clickable icons to make gaining your entries easy as pie!

Facebook & Twitter (if you can tag Enchanted Forest on Facebook when you share, using the @ symbol, that would be awesome too!)

  • Be (or become!) a Facebook fan = 1 entry
  • Refer a Facebook fan = 1 entry (both comment below)
  • Share this blog contest on Facebook = 1 entry
  • Share the Enchanted Forest webstore on Facebook = 1 entry
  • Be (or become!) a Twitter follower = 1 entryenchanted forest twitter natureal baby products
  • Tweet about and link to our webstore = 1 entry
  • Tweet about and link to this blog post = 1 entry


  • Visit the showroom for the first time = 5 entries!
  • Spend $5 (before shipping) = 1 entry
  • Refer a new customer = 1 entry for every $5 they spend (they get the entries too!)

Reviews (please only review us if you’ve been a customer or used our products!)

  • Rate & Review our products = 1 entry for each product. To rate and review products, log in to your customer account at the store (if you forgot your username or password, just contact me), and go into “order history”. There you will find the option to rate a products you have purchased and leave reviews. If you purchased products at the showroom, they may not be on file in the system. Just contact me and I’ll create an account for you if you need one, and add the items to your history so you can rate them.
  • Review Enchanted Forest on Stumble Upon = 1 entry!
  • Fav Enchanted Forest & our products on MomFaves = 1 entry per fav. (Click the icon to go to Mom Faves and fav our store, then search for “Enchanted Forest” to make sure you get every product fav-ing opportunity! An easy way to get lots of entries!)

Blog this blog! = 5 entries. Mention this contest and add a link to this blog in your blog.

Join our mailing list! = 1 entry. Click here to join. Don’t worry, your email address will not be shared, and you wont be spammed- you’ll simply receive news about upcoming workshops, new products, sales, and contests about once a month!

Complete these Polls! = 1 entry each. I’d love your feedback on what products you are interested in for the store! I am also a certified birth doula and placenta services provider (New Roots Birth Services). I am planning to introduce some pregnancy related workshops this spring, and I’d love to hear your feedback- if you’re pregnant, what workshops interest you most? If you have have had a baby (or a few!) in the past, what would you have been interested in, if these workshops had been available?

Good luck everyone!

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Swimming with babes!

swimmi swim diaper baby pool swim

Here is my little guy Alden, modeling his Bummis Swimmi. And yes,he IS eating a handful of pebbles in that pic. Yeah.

Well, it’s late January, and it is cccooolllddd. Brrrrr. I’m looking forward to the lazy hazy days of summer, jumping into lakes and rivers, shrieking at how cold the water is! For now, though, we get our swim on at the local pool.

Many parents choose disposable swim diapers, but more and more parents- even those who don’t use cloth diapers- are using cloth swim diapers, like these Bummis Swimmis. 

Why use cloth swim diapers? Well, for the same reasons you might choose cloth diapers!

monkey doodlez swim diaper bummis swimi cloth swim diaper re-usable

Cloth swim diapers stay soft and bright, and won't fade or become brittle, even in chlorinated pools!

Save money! Disposable swim diapers are EXPENSIVE. At about $1 each, your weekends at the cottage or swimming lessons at the local pool really add up. Swim diapers range from $13-$20. They’ll likely fit your babe for a year or more, and then you can use the same swim diaper on your second baby, too!

monkey doodles swim diaper bummis swimmi cloth re-usable swim diapers nova scotia

In and out of the lake all weekend, and you'll only need one cloth swim diaper, instead of a whole pack of disposable little swimmers!

Better for the environment! Pretty self-explanatory, here. Consider the environmental impact of the manufacture and disposal of dozens (or hundreds!!) of disposable swim diapers per child… yuck. Choosing cloth mean’s you’ll likely only ever need 2 swim diapers for all your kids- a much kinder choice for our Earth.

swim diaper little swimmers baby swimmi

Although they appear uncomfortable, PFD crotch-strap wedgies are adorable, let's admit it.

Friggin cute as heck! Bummis Swimmis come in seven sweet prints that are great for boys & girls. Trim-fitting enough to fit under girls bathing suits or boys swimming trunks, or cute enough to wear alone. And new this year, we have the Bummis Tankini Tops that perfectly coordinate with the Swimmis! Enchanted Forest is carries Monkey Doodlez swim diapers, another very popular Canadian-made brand! These come in pull-up or snap styles, in ten different colours, with an embroidered bum.

This week (January 22-28, 2012), Bummis Swimmis and Tankinis are 10% off, plus double your customer rewards store credit (so save 10% then earn 10%!). If we run out of stock, don’t worry! Just contact me to pre-order the size/colour/print you want, and I’ll honour the 10% off discount! Plus, get the same deal if you pre-order any pull-up or snap-style Monkey Doodlez swim diaper (not in stock yet). I’ll place the orders on Monday, January 29.

My shopping cart charges a flat shipping rate (it would be $9 for one Swim diaper), but I will refund you the difference between the flat rate and the actual shipping costs, which should be about $3 per swimmi, depending on location.

Happy swimming!!

bummis swimmi tankini monkey doodlez swim diapers baby swimmer bathing suit re-usable cloth

Bummis Swimmis & Tankinis, and Monkey Doodlez Swim Diapers

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AMP Duo Review

AMP Duo diapers are an easy-to-use cloth diapering system, and a modern favourite!

AMP one-size duo OS pocket cloth diaper AMP Duo diapers consist of a waterproof diaper shell, made of polyurethane laminate (PUL) fabric, and are lined with stay-dry microfleece. These two layers form a “pocket”, which is used to securely hold the absorbent component of the diaper- an insert of some kind. AMP duo are a favorite because they are so convenient- as easy to use as disposables, yet they wash well and dry quickly because the absorbent insert is separate from the waterproof outer shell.

What’s so great about AMP Duo diapers?

  • AMP cloth diaper truro nova scotiaVersatility!  You can use them as pocket diapers, by stuffing them with your favorite insert- AMP hemp or bamboo inserts, AMP microfibre inserts, or even prefolds! AMP Duos can also be used as an all-in-two diapering system. This means that you can use the shell as a cover- simply lay a natural fibre insert (NOT microfiber) in the shell instead of stuffing it in the pocket, AMP cloth diaper halifax nova scotiaand fasten on baby. Then simply swap the wet insert with a fresh one at diaper change time. This means fewer shells to buy and to wash- easier on the bank, and on the environment! Many parents choose to use their AMPs as two-in-ones during the day and around the home, and then as pockets when out and about, or at night.
  • made in canada cloth diaperCanadian-made! Increasingly, parents are choosing Made-in-Canada products. You can rest assured that you are getting a quality diaper with AMP- their fabrics are sourced in North America, and they are sewn by Canadian Mamas! No unfair labour standards, and no lack of environmental responsibility. Buying Canadian keeps our economy strong in these tough economic times. Other diapers may be less expensive- but are usually made in China, where labour standards are dismal at best, and where environmental policies on wastewater, emissions, etc, are lacking or not enforced. These diapers typically use second quality fabrics, elastics, and fasteners, and are notorious for de-laminating (the waterproof fabric separates), and elastics and fasteners that only last a few months.
  • AMP cloth diaper canada nova scotiaYour choice of sized or one-size! Although you will need to buy two sets of diapers if you choose sized AMPs, they provide a better fit for babies- you can use them right from birth! Because they are not worn for as long, they will last through several children, or can be easily sold once your baby outgrows them, allowing you to recoup some of their cost (and they re-sell really AMP OS Duo cloth diaper nova scotia halifax trurowell). One-size AMP Duos are popular because parents need only buy one set of diapers, but they do not fit smaller babies quite as well- most parents of smaller babes will end up using disposable diapers for the first month or so until their baby fits the one-size diapers. Because the one-sized diapers are used for 2+ years, they do see more wear and tear, and may or may not last through your second child’s diapering years, depending on use (how many you use in rotation) and care (line-drying will extend the lifespan)
  • Awesome variety of colours and prints! AMP Duos come in 27 solid colours! Boy, girl, or gender neutral, you’ll have fun picking your favorite bold or pastel colours! AMP also releases a new, limited edition print every month or two, so there is always a fun and funky new print to jazz up your diaper stash.
  • Front pocket opening. AMP duo diaper nova scotia canadaIf you’re already a parent, you know what I mean when I say “poop explosion”. Well, first of all, don’t worry about it. These diapers are explosion-proof! But even with the most explosion-proof diaper, you don’t want to be trying to remove an insert from the back end of the diaper when you’ve got a messy poop! AMP has cleverly designed their pocket openings at the front of the diaper, so you won’t have to worry about touching it… even though my grandmother used to always say “baby poop makes your fingernails grow” (she had 7 kids).
  • Really, really nice elastic. The design of elastic on AMP Duos is second to none. Soft, gathered elastic is snug-fitting and leak-containing without ever leaving red marks on baby’s tender skin. AMP is also one of the few diapers that has elastic at the front of the waist, eliminating that front belly-gap typical of so many diapers on the market today. These diapers just fit SO WELL- skinny babies, chunky babies, the AMP Duo will fit perfectly.

A note on inserts

AMP hemp bamboo inserts 2-layer 3-layer boosterAMP has some of the best inserts around. Their hemp and bamboo inserts are sooo thirsty, soft, and practical! They are generally 2 layers thick (the hemp comes in a 3 layer version as well), and are square- just tri-fold them to fit in the diaper. Their design means they wash up really well, unlike some brands of thicker inserts, and they dry really fast, too, whether your use a dryer or line-dry (which is becoming even more important, since NS Power just hiked our electricity rates again!). Hemp and bamboo are more absorbent than cotton, and are naturally anti-microbial- these inserts wont get “funky” like microfibre inserts tend to. They can also be used like prefolds on smaller babies, or as burp cloths, change pads, household rags- you name it! You’ll still be using these inserts around the house in 50 years. AMP also makes hemp and bamboo boosters- perfect for night time diapers or for heavy-wetters!

So how much do they cost?

The cost of diapering with AMP Duos depends on a few things:

  • Do you want sized, or one-size Duos?
  • What kind of insert do you want to use- prefolds, microfibre, hemp, or bamboo?
  • Are you planning to use the Duos as pockets, all-in-ones, or a combination of these?

Based on your choices, you can expect to spend between ~$260 and ~$610 on one set of 24 diapers with inserts. This may seem like a large upfront cost, but consider that if you choose disposable diapers, you can expect to spend about ~$2700 to diaper your baby from birth to potty independence! By choosing AMP Duo diapers, you stand to save over $2000 as compared with disposable diapers! What would you do with $2000? Go on a family vacation? Do some renovations? Pay off a debt? Start dreaming, start saving, and start cloth diapering!

Want to see more? Watch these videos!

This week (Jan 15-21, 2012), Enchanted Forest is offering a sale on all AMP Duos- both sized and one-sized, solids and prints! While quantities last, save 10%, plus earn DOUBLE your customer rewards store credit (you’ll earn 10% of your purchase as store credit for your next order!)

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It’s Workshop Time!

At Enchanted Forest, I don’t just want to sell stuff to new parents. The doula in me wants parents to be INFORMED about these products before they purchase them (or not!). There is a huge variety of products out there, and parents are often left wondering which one to choose, feeling overwhelmed at their options. They wonder: what are the benefits of this product? Why might this one be better than that one for my particular baby or family? How should I care for this one? Is this the right way to use it? What if I get home and still have questions? Where else can I go, if I don’t find what I’m looking for at Enchanted Forest?

So I’ve created a couple of workshops I think expectant and new (and experienced) parents and caregivers will love!

The first few workshops were a success, and I’ll be offering monthly workshops on cloth diapering and babywearing. Over the coming months, I plan to expand this through New Roots Birth Services to offer workshops on breastfeeding, pain coping practices for labour, positions and comfort measures for labour, effective birth support training for dads and birth partners, and birth choices and birth plan workshops- so stay tuned!

Every other month, I’ll be hosting cloth diapering workshops in partnership with the lovely Melanie of The Fluff & Stuff Shop- we offer different brands of diapers, so this will be a great chance for parents to see and feel all the options available in our area at one time, and choose the system that is best for their particular family! We’ll be hosting our workshops in both Truro and Elmsdale to start- but let us know if you’d like us to come to your community, we’d love to! I’m very excited to be partnering with Melanie in this way, and between the two of us, we’re sure to have your babies bums covered in comfort and style!

So without further adieu, here are Enchanted Forest’s upcoming workshops! Check them out, can’t wait to see you there!

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This week at Enchanted Forest- Baltic Amber teething jewelery on sale!

baltic amber teethin necklace anklet saleAny teething babies out there?

A few weeks ago I wrote up a post on teething and how baltic amber teething jewelery just about saved our lives (well, maybe it wasn’t a life-or-death situation, but amber saved our sanity, at the very least!)

This week at Enchanted Forest, save 10% and DOUBLE your Customer Rewards store credit (earn 10%!) on Baltic Amber Teething Jewelery! Leave the drugs in the medicine cabinet- amber REALLY works!

Check out the blog post to learn more about amber jewelery and teething- and comment on the blog to share your experiences!
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Benefits of Babywearing

Squishy little newborns. So tiny, so helpless, so sweet. So dependent. So darling.

Many animals are ready to walk with or cling to their mothers within minutes of birth. Although still dependent on their mothers for nourishment and protection, many animals are born much more developed than humans- much more ready for the outside world.

babywearing benefits history baby sling baby carrier baby wrapWhy are humans so different? Well, in order for humans to walk upright, over time we have evolved narrower and narrower pelvic outlets. Humans also have evolved large brains- now our babies must be born significantly more immature in order to fit through the pelvis. Compared with the gestational development of our primate cousins, humans are actually born about 3 months “early”, hence the term “4th trimester”, which is used to describe the first 3 months postpartum. Our babies are born completely dependent-  in fact, they have trouble even regulating their blood sugar and temperature unless held skin to skin with their mothers. For about as long as humans have walked the planet, babies have been carried by their mothers or caregivers.

babywearing cultural sling wrap carrier benefitsPhotos taken from a collection of babywearing photos called Ethnic Baby Slings and Carriers, with photos by Linda De Volder,

What are the benefits of babywearing?

happy baby slingHappier Babies! Babies who are worn tend to cry less than their non-carried peers. In fact, carrying/wearing your baby just 2 hours per day results in an average of 55% less crying during evening hours when babies tend to be very fussy.

Physical Development. Babies who are carried benefit from an easier transition to life outside the womb. The body rhythms (movement, breathing, heartbeat, voice, warmth) of their caregivers help babies to organize their own physiological rhythms, from breathing, to blood sugar, to digestion, to sleep patterns. Babywearing also helps prevent plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome), which can result when babies spend too much time in car seats, bouncy seats, swings, and laying on their backs.

boba baby carrier learning Mental Development. Babies who are carried are more involved in their parents’ day-to-day lives, and spend more time in the quiet-alert state, the state where babies learn the most. Adults interact more frequently with carried babies, and babies are able to more easily learn about their caregiver and their world, by being engaged in and able to observe facial cues, body language, verbal language, behaviors, etc. Why limit your baby’s experience of the world to streets and sidewalks? There is a beautiful world to discover and explore!

Easy for Caregivers! Babywearing allows parents and caregivers the freedom to take baby where strollers are cumbersome- small shops, up and down flights of stairs, over rough terrain, for hikes in nature, anywhere the caregiver wants to go! Caregivers can attend to older children, work, chores, or hobbies, all while keeping baby content, and with both hands free.

boba wrap baby bonding contentEmotional Development. Carried babies and their caregivers experience enhanced bonding, and babies develop more trust in their caregivers, resulting in a more secure emotional attachment and earlier independence than non-carried babies. Babywearing is a great way to involve baby in your life, while avoiding the over-stimulation that can lead to babies shutting out their surroundings.

Not all baby carriers are created equally (or safe!)

baby bjorn infantino crotch dangler danger spineSome forward-facing baby carriers, called “crotch-danglers” by babywearing instructors, are not ideal for either baby or caregiver. They force a baby’s spine into an unnatural arched position, placing strain on a baby’s developing spine and hips. Picture yourself hanging in this position, with all of your weight by a strap between your legs- not comfortable, and not good for your spine! This is why climbing harnesses are designed to hold you in a seated position, to preserve the tucked angle of your pelvis and prevent an arched lower back. Crotch-dangling carriers also are not designed for comfortable babywearing for the caregiver, and can rarely be used for long without the caregiver experiencing back discomfort or pain. In addition, babies worn facing forward cannot turn away from excessive stimuli, and can easily become overstimulated, forcing them to withdraw and “tune out”, putting an end to learning and feelings of security.

A good carrier or sling is safe and comfortable for baby & wearer.

safe babywearing position spine hipsWhen being worn, babies knees should be at or above the level of their hips, and should be worn on your body in a similar position as you would normally carry or hold them without a carrier. Babies should be worn high enough to kiss if on the front of the wearer, and care should be taken to avoid the chin-to-chest position if wearing baby in a cradle-hold position. A good carrier, used properly will satisfy all these safety requirements, and give the wearer a comfortable carrying experience, from birth to childhood. Of course, there can be a learning curve involved with babywearing! Going to an educational babywearing workshop is a great way to get hands-on help. Enchanted Forest offers regular babywearing workshops in Truro and surrounding areas, check them out if you are interested in learning more about babywearing, or need help with a new position or carry!

carseat holderForget poorly designed “high-tech” gizmos and gadgets that you’ll soon stop using because they’re just ridiculously useless. All your baby needs is YOU, and a simple, but well designed sling or carrier can help you and baby be close and free together, wherever you are!

babywearing baby carrier baby sling baby wrap

From Jan 1-7, 2012 save 10% on a Maya Wrap Ring Sling at Enchanted Forest! Regularly $84.95, now just $76.45 while quantities last. And as an added bonus, you’ll receive DOUBLE your Customer Rewards Program store credit! That means you’ll save $8.50 on your sling purchase, and automatically earn $8.50 in store credit at Enchanted Forest, to be used on a future purchase. Sale cannot be combined with coupons, and all sales final.


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