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Swimming with babes!

Well, it’s late January, and it is cccooolllddd. Brrrrr. I’m looking forward to the lazy hazy days of summer, jumping into lakes and rivers, shrieking at how cold the water is! For now, though, we get our swim on at … Continue reading

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AMP Duo Review

AMP Duo diapers are an easy-to-use cloth diapering system, and a modern favourite! AMP Duo diapers consist of a waterproof diaper shell, made of polyurethane laminate (PUL) fabric, and are lined with stay-dry microfleece. These two layers form a “pocket”, … Continue reading

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It’s Workshop Time!

At Enchanted Forest, I don’t just want to sell stuff to new parents. The doula in me wants parents to be INFORMED about these products before they purchase them (or not!). There is a huge variety of products out there, … Continue reading

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This week at Enchanted Forest- Baltic Amber teething jewelery on sale!

Any teething babies out there? A few weeks ago I wrote up a post on teething and how baltic amber teething jewelery just about saved our lives (well, maybe it wasn’t a life-or-death situation, but amber saved our sanity, at … Continue reading

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Benefits of Babywearing

Squishy little newborns. So tiny, so helpless, so sweet. So dependent. So darling. Many animals are ready to walk with or cling to their mothers within minutes of birth. Although still dependent on their mothers for nourishment and protection, many … Continue reading

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