Swimming with babes!

swimmi swim diaper baby pool swim

Here is my little guy Alden, modeling his Bummis Swimmi. And yes,he IS eating a handful of pebbles in that pic. Yeah.

Well, it’s late January, and it is cccooolllddd. Brrrrr. I’m looking forward to the lazy hazy days of summer, jumping into lakes and rivers, shrieking at how cold the water is! For now, though, we get our swim on at the local pool.

Many parents choose disposable swim diapers, but more and more parents- even those who don’t use cloth diapers- are using cloth swim diapers, like these Bummis Swimmis. 

Why use cloth swim diapers? Well, for the same reasons you might choose cloth diapers!

monkey doodlez swim diaper bummis swimi cloth swim diaper re-usable

Cloth swim diapers stay soft and bright, and won't fade or become brittle, even in chlorinated pools!

Save money! Disposable swim diapers are EXPENSIVE. At about $1 each, your weekends at the cottage or swimming lessons at the local pool really add up. Swim diapers range from $13-$20. They’ll likely fit your babe for a year or more, and then you can use the same swim diaper on your second baby, too!

monkey doodles swim diaper bummis swimmi cloth re-usable swim diapers nova scotia

In and out of the lake all weekend, and you'll only need one cloth swim diaper, instead of a whole pack of disposable little swimmers!

Better for the environment! Pretty self-explanatory, here. Consider the environmental impact of the manufacture and disposal of dozens (or hundreds!!) of disposable swim diapers per child… yuck. Choosing cloth mean’s you’ll likely only ever need 2 swim diapers for all your kids- a much kinder choice for our Earth.

swim diaper little swimmers baby swimmi

Although they appear uncomfortable, PFD crotch-strap wedgies are adorable, let's admit it.

Friggin cute as heck! Bummis Swimmis come in seven sweet prints that are great for boys & girls. Trim-fitting enough to fit under girls bathing suits or boys swimming trunks, or cute enough to wear alone. And new this year, we have the Bummis Tankini Tops that perfectly coordinate with the Swimmis! Enchanted Forest is carries Monkey Doodlez swim diapers, another very popular Canadian-made brand! These come in pull-up or snap styles, in ten different colours, with an embroidered bum.

This week (January 22-28, 2012), Bummis Swimmis and Tankinis are 10% off, plus double your customer rewards store credit (so save 10% then earn 10%!). If we run out of stock, don’t worry! Just contact me to pre-order the size/colour/print you want, and I’ll honour the 10% off discount! Plus, get the same deal if you pre-order any pull-up or snap-style Monkey Doodlez swim diaper (not in stock yet). I’ll place the orders on Monday, January 29.

My shopping cart charges a flat shipping rate (it would be $9 for one Swim diaper), but I will refund you the difference between the flat rate and the actual shipping costs, which should be about $3 per swimmi, depending on location.

Happy swimming!!

bummis swimmi tankini monkey doodlez swim diapers baby swimmer bathing suit re-usable cloth

Bummis Swimmis & Tankinis, and Monkey Doodlez Swim Diapers


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