A New Year means new sales at Enchanted Forest!

Hey fans!

It’s almost the New Year, and Enchanted Forest is ready to celebrate with sales! Starting January 1st, we’re marking down (way down!) a different product every week. Up to 30% off, BOGO (buy one get one free), etc, etc. Lots of savings!

What do you want to see on sale first? Diapers? Baby Slings/Carriers? Organic skincare products? Toys? Something else? Let me know in the comments section below- whatever product gets the most support will be marked way down!


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Boxing Day (week!) Sales!

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Uh-oh, baby’s teething…

Your baby is drooling. Soaking through shirts and bibs at a mind-boggling rate. You have no idea how it is possible for one small person to produce so much drool. He’s chewing on his hands. Chewing on Sophie. On his feet. On the furniture. On your boobs (ouch!). Rosy cheeks. Bum rashes, from all that darn drool he’s been swallowing. A slight fever. Or heck, a raging fever. And a runny nose.

amber teething necklace If you’re anything like me, your blood pressure starts to rise at the first signs of teething. You know what’s up. You know what’s in store for you and your precious angel who is now seeming a bit less precious and a lot more angry. She’s SO fussy. She’s not sleeping (and neither are you).  You feel so bad for your baby, who’s obviously in pain. You want so badly to help her feel better. You’d do anything. And at the same time, you’re exhausted yourself, and she is just SO cantankerous, you feel like you might lose your mind if you can’t just get a 4 hour stretch of sleep and just 10 minutes to yourself.


baltic amber teething painSome babies seem to have an easy time of it- just a little drool, a little hand chewing, and they pop out teeth like nobody’s business. My little Alden, however, was NOT an easy teether. The farthest from it. Fortunately, we did find some remedies that helped. The first (and probably cheapest, most effective, and least invasive) was an amber teething necklace. “A necklace?” some may ask, “what does a necklace have to do with teething?”

Well, baltic amber necklaces have been used as a teething remedy in Europe for hundreds of years (probably longer). Amber contains succinic acid, a compound that is released when the amber is warmed, and absorbed by the skin. It acts as a natural analgesic (pain reliever). And aside from helping babies with teething, amber has also been shown to reduce inflammation and boost the immune system, among a host of other reported benefits. AND IT WORKS. It honestly works. How many times did I wonder what the heck had gotten into my sweet Alden, who was seemingly about to lose his mind in an angry fit of pain-fueled rage, only to learn that my husband had forgotten to put his necklace back on after the bath? And then, about a half hour or hour after putting it back on, my sweet boy would be back, the content little guy. And I’m not alone in this- so many mothers have similar stories, and swear by amber teething jewelery. They work. They reduce the need for pain medications (we’ve had to use pain medications only about 10 times in his entire life so far). And now that acetaminophens are linked to childhood asthma, well, I really really don’t want to use the stuff.  And…they are SO cute. There are so many colours and styles for boys and girls. I even want one for myself!

baby teething necklaceI’m so excited to say that my new shipment of amber necklaces are in! These aren’t your typical amber necklaces. Instead of ordering a random wholesale bulk order, I’ve hand-selected each of these necklaces myself. All have either round or olive-shaped beads- no angular chip beads to poke baby’s tender skin, and more importantly, these provide a much greater surface area for the absorption of succinic acid, making them much more effective than the chip-style necklaces that are typical of what’s available on the market today. I’ve ordered in a few milky amber necklaces, too- this colour of amber is more rare, and has the highest tested concentrations of succinic acid of any amber, making these necklaces perfect for babies who seem to have a really, really hard time of teething (like my boy Alden).

This week (January 9-15) only at Enchanted Forest while supplies last- save 10% and DOUBLE your Customer Rewards store credit on Baltic Amber Teething jewelery! That means you save 10%, and you earn 10% in store credit ! (Pretty much like 20% off!)

To check out the new inventory of amber necklaces and anklets,, visit Enchanted Forest!

baby teething jewelryWhat have your experiences been with your baby’s teething? Have you tried amber? Has it worked?

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Enchanted Forest is back!

cloth diapers truro nova scotia natural baby products organicHello there! Glad you’re here!  I’m so happy to finally be announcing the grand re-opening of Enchanted Forest. My sister Erin, who started the store, recently birthed her second baby boy and I have taken over and moved the forest from Dartmouth to Truro. I’ve got some great new products that I’m excited to offer, as well as new programs that I think you’ll love, including a Customer Rewards Program, Cloth Diaper Trial Program, Cloth Diapering & Babywearing Workshops, Gift Registry, and more… but I’ll blog about those later. For now, let’s get right down to business and celebrate!

I’m thinking a good old-fashioned giveaway is in order! How about a $30 gift certificate?

alden in showroom baby carrier baby sling wooden toys natural organicI want to spread the word about Enchanted Forest, but I need your help! Here’s how it will work: you help me spread the word about Enchanted Forest, and you’ll receive contest entries- there are LOT of ways to gain entries, and the more entries you earn, the greater your chances of winning! In order to receive contest entries, you must comment below this post to tell me your name and what you did. You can share on Facebook and/or Tweet up to once daily for additional contest entries if you like. If you don’t post in the comments section below, you won’t gain your entries, so don’t forget! I’ll be using random.org to select a winner on Winter Solstice, December 22nd, and will announce the winner here and on Facebook at around noon!

Here’s how to enter- I put in clickable icons to make gaining your entries easy as pie!

Facebook & Twitter (if  you can tag Enchanted Forest on Facebook when you share, using the @ symbol, that would be awesome too!)

  • Be (or become!) a Facebook fan = 1 entry
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  • Spend $5 (before shipping) = 1 entry
  • Refer a new customer = 1 entry for every $5 they spend (they get the entries too!)

Reviews (please only review us if you’ve been a customer or used our products!)

  • Rate & Review our products = 1 entry for each product (Log in to your customer account at the store, and go into “order history”. There you will find the option to rate a products you have purchased and leave reviews)
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  • Fav Enchanted Forest & our products on MomFaves = 1 entry per fav. (Click the icon to go to Mom Faves and fav our store, then search for “Enchanted Forest” to make sure you get every product fav-ing opportunity! An easy way to get lots of entries!)

Blog this blog! = 5 entries. Mention this contest and add a link to this blog in your blog.  

Join our mailing list! = 1 entry Click here to join. Don’t worry, your email address will not be shared, and you wont be spammed- you’ll simply receive news about upcoming workshops, new products, sales, and contesets about once a month!

Good luck everyone!

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